A note from the Curator,
Carol Brewer


After we were forced to close the Blue Moon Gallery in December 2014,
John and I were eager to find a new location for our Gallery.

 During our search for a home for the new gallery, the Allied Ceramics Art

Institute Gallery in Fair Oaks asked me to curate a few shows, during which

I simply fell in love with their Gallery and its artists.  I am thrilled that I will

indefinitely continue in this role.  The Gallery is in a great location,

surrounded by several quaint restaurants, and, though small, is absolutely

charming with intimate space and filled with vibrant artists who inspire me

daily.  They hold ceramic classes open to the public and always seem to

have studio artists in residence eager to talk to visitors.  This is a gallery

that anyone with a casual or serious interest in the arts should visit.  

Within the next few months, the ACAI website will offer valuable
information on what we offer to the community.  In the meantime, I hope

you will visit us on the Third Saturday of each month for our Artist Receptions.

With mixed emotions, I have decided to take the Blue Moon Gallery
website down.  Blue Moon was a dream come true for John and I, but now

it is the time to move on to new adventures.  The Blue Moon Gallery was

never about a building to house art but a collective of incredible artists and

close friends.  This part of Blue Moon will always stay in our hearts and will

never die.  What an incredible journey it has been, and thanks to all of you

who have made it possible!


ACAI Gallery & Studios
 7425 Winding Way

Fair Oaks, CA. 95628

Phone: (916) 966-2453


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